Fabulous food, fitness fun & great results

yesss, Fabulous food and tons of fun.

Typical right? Well it's true.

 I am on a fitness journey and I want to share my on-going experiences with you. And suddenly, you say "okayyyy?"
Questioning why should you care? Right? So it's going down. My Best friend and I are going to start a fitness challenge.

There are tons, I mean hundreds of blogs and different websites that cater to fitness and weight loss. Well, I am on a weight gain and toning up journey. Yes, i had to mention the toning up part because nobody dreams of being out of shape.

Often times you hear people talk about wanting to lose weight, instead of gaining it. Making new years resolutions, summer declarations, and many other self promises are all the fades for losing weight. You hardly hear about the people who have a hard time obtaining and maintaining weight.

And Just for the record,

It is not because we are always happy with the way we look and/or because we don't have any health issues. A person can be skinny and still be unhealthy. i fell as though main stream media only focuses on weight loss because being the size of a Victoria Secret top model is all the rave. 

Why? Idk, we as a society have been programmed to think that is what beauty looks like. The real goal of most people, like myself is to maintain the proper weight and to be happy with the way my jeans fit.

Now, I am not anorexic nor am I bulimic (I pray for those who suffer from these illnesses) but over the past 10 years of my life i have lost over 20 t pounds that i really miss. my idea body image I lost back when I didn't know how good I really looked. 10th grade. I was about 15 years young my body type was athletic. I hated how people asked my if i ran track or did I play sports all the time. I wanted to be kinda skinny with a flat tummy and that is all. i know that doesn't describe much but hey, that's all i wanted. I had what some may call "baby fat."

i lost the "baby fat" as i grew into the woman i am today and yes i have a "flat" stomach, but i lost the rest of what i was okay with.

I love food and I really believe in being healthy, but over the past few years I have fallen off the bandwagon. Life gets the best of all us, but there is no reason why we can't get and keep our bodies in good shape; or at least try.

This is a flaw-some, flawless, get better at being your natural best fitness check.

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