A Throwback: OOoooo she mad

HI Ladies (and gentlemen),
It's me TAP aka Tali or as my momma would call me when she's being formal "Miss Payne" lol.

 I was going through some of my old Youtube videos and I came across an old, but still valid one. I'm not sure what I was mad about, what was said to me or how I ended up dealing with this problem, but i still feel that i made a very strong argument about negative people.
 There is a lot of love in the world but not many people know how to show it because we live in a society that craves attention. when the attention is not on you, you make it about you. With that mindset how else can a negative person accomplish the goal of getting attention. succeed and focus on personal goals? Nah, its much easier to "throw shade if they cant get paid" (Insert Lil Kim in voice and mini dance)

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