my mission in life

My mission in life is to understand, embrace, inspire & promote truth among myself, my peers, families & lost youth.

Core Value:
1.    Truth
Mission in Action:
1.    Understand
2.    Embrace
3.    Inspire/ promote
1.    Myself
2.    my peers
3.    families
4.     lost/ misguided Youth

What I want to be more of…

I want to be more groundbreaking and more of a risk-taker, I want to be able to be bolder in a room full of extroverts and be able to connect to a lot of people without feeling out of place. I’ve been reading books and trying to interact with people little by little in hopes of being able adapt. My goal is to become more approachable and to become a better networker.

Another thing I want to be more of is balanced, I want to be more in alignment with my purpose and life and with whom I am. I believe that will allow me to get further in life and be accepting of anything or people that may come along. I also believe that when I am balanced I will be able to impact people in a great way even if it’s the last thing I can do. I want to be able to leave a legacy behind and balanced people leave the best memories.

My Top Values and Beliefs...


Inner Harmony




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