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            I am so in love with lipstick it has surely become an obsession.

Why? I'm not sure. When did this start? When I was in middle school and I use to borrow my moms old and worn down MAC lip liners after she would leave them in the bathroom when she got a new one.

"LOL, Opps."

I am amazed by how beautiful it makes me feel? No, makeup isn't something I feel i need daily, but when i put it on...
"Ooooooo, WwwwwEeeeeee"

It feels like i have an alter-ego just waiting to burst out. I feel something like how Beyonce did 2008 when she exposed the world to Sasha Fierce. So when I put my makeup feel free to call me Tali Fierce, because I slay, lol.

I'll work on a new name, but until then I'm sticking to it.

Owning a cosmetic line is one of my biggest dreams along with owning and designing my own lingerie line and running a fully functional inner beauty spa for women of all ages. 

I already have a name for it too. Just wait, I'm almost ready to reveal it and put this process in motion.


"I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me" (Philippians 4:13) _____________________________________________________________________________

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