Allow me to re-introduce myself

(In my New Orleans voice)  

I must admit when I first start writing this "about me" post, I froze up.
It is so much easier to write about other people or do research on a current events than it is to write about yourself. Perhaps life has truly humbled me.

Often I found myself in a battle of deciding what is important to say and if this sounds professional-- ultimately, I've questioned myself "is it perfect?" I've written articles, stories, Q&A's and plenty of paragraphs about myself and nothing has honestly seemed right.  However, I am learning that it doesn't have to be perfect the first time around and I am affirming that everything will fall into place.

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase."

Hi, I'm Tali Payne and this is website is my re-entrance into the world of writing and broadcast. This site has been an on-and-off thing for over 10 year, I know crazy right. Well, I'm really honest and unashamed to say its true.

When seeing college friends, who are living their dreams a.k.a. working within their purpose, I repeatedly thought of how far I would be if I had just stayed consistent. Writing, having deep conversations along with art have always been my first love, and my life has been out of alignment without creating a space for "me" in my life, then i stepped back for good reason, but this year will be different. I know it may sound corny, but I'm ready to spring into my life and create.

 I'm in a completely different head space and as a result of that I am ready to work. I'll keep this short as possible because I'm sure you will get to know me more as I journal as well as through my podcast On a Silver Platter.

How do you pronounce your name?
Tah-Lee Pain (or like Major Payne the movie)
Tali Payne is a nickname that I am using to honor my father while still stay true to myself

Where are you from?
I was born and raise by the beaches of Southern California
On top of that, I'm a summer baby, I tell people I was made for the heat

womanhood, growth, my culture and necessary changes for advancement
poetry, music and obviously writing.
I kinda feel it is important to note that i am obsessed with herbal teas, notebooks and yummy fragrances, I'm a huge CANDLE LOVER!
**books by black authors and self help books are heaven sent**

*Apps, why? because I'm a millennial
any type of dictionary app
 Google just might be my b.f.f.

*Foods, none of this maybe important but a lady has to eat:
I love fruit (as well as fruit drinks), hot wings, a fresh chicken salad...
and pasta (this may not be the healthiest option, but its amazing)
water makes my skin glow, 
not much of a drinker but ill have some wine,
 a Mai Tai or a Margarita when I'm feeling jazzy

What are some key things people might want to know?
I'm a writer in my spare time, but i have prayed for more time.
 I've earned my degree in Journalism and after taking a break 
I've decided to continue my education further (apparently it wasn't killing me the first time)
I feel like my purpose in life is to be a truth seeker and a creative old soul
My personality types make me unique, introverted, unforgettable and an enigma: I'm a "Infj // CS"

my mission in life is dedicated to truth, love and self worth.

and lastly, if you can't tell yet I'm a little long winded, yeah I have a lot to say, I look forward to getting to connect with you and i hold you stick around. There is a lot more to come and Im not turning back now.

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