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With so much going on in the world, I feel that it is my journalist duty to post information that can possibly save a life. Although, this page doesn’t really go into deep detail on bullying, I do want to start to talk more about cultural experience as a black woman. I have seen many situations where people; young and old, need help and instead of getting assistance they are met with criticism. And as life progresses, I have noticed that criticism isn’t just a in-person thing, the internet has been made to be a gift and a curse.

The more apps developed, and the more websites become popular the increase of people who encounter bullying and other forms of harassment shoots through the roof. This isn’t admirable, but it has been made trendy and acceptable. Twitter beefs, Tik Tok challenges, Instagram photo bashing and Facebook wars sometimes lead to deaths and/or humiliation. Sadly, it isn’t until it is too late that people decided to connect back to the humanity, but by then we are often faced with doing car washes to help fund a funeral cost.

            I miss the early 2000’s where advertisements on voting and wrapping up were all over the television. I also miss hearing terms like, “stay sucka free” when artist and rappers talked down on being a “hater” or being dumb for clout. Those days are long gone and although, I still have hope that those times will soon return I want to help. I might not be able save the world; however I can simply share this information as a reference tool for those who may need it.  From the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to the Rape, Sexual Assault, Abuse, and Incest National Network I hope this list is helpful. my goal is to update this as frequency as I can.

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