Meet Tali Payne

Hi I’m Tali Payne, a writer from the southern beaches of California. I want to thank you for coming to visit my blog;
through my love for writing, I am often inspired to express my personal truths.

This site is continuously evolving.
The older I become the more I realize that I live each and every day with the goal to develop myself and impact other people.
Style, personal development and inspirational talk are the topics that move me at my core. 

Which means, nothing about this blog is off limits and 
I'm sure if I don't speak about it here I'll definitely address it on my podcast called The Silver Platter, where I speak on what it means to be a millennial, educated and urban

As music changes, fashion recurs, beauty highlights and my self-love grows I plan on transcending the limits of personal growth and preservation. I am a product of my environment in a positive way and I am devoted to accomplishing tremendous goals as I learn life lessons along the way. 

 I don't want to make this post long I just wanted to say hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my digital corner of the web.
I hope you will stay and join me on my journey

For more about me check out my other posts, podcast and contact info.,