Beauty marks

A mark is a symbol, a visible impression symbolic of life being lived and knowledge gained. In this case it’s a trace of purpose and culture. As a people, a unique ethnicity, a specific gender and a dynamic force we leave a mark on humanity.

History defines marks. Cuts and bruises, clothes, scents and the way a person speaks all consist of marks left behind. It is something that lingers on like a memory even after the present has left. My goal is to leave a positive mark on the world.

'Beauty Marks' is made for touching hearts, questioning minds and feed the interest of women that are interested in uplifting queens. This is the way I want to spread a little knowledge and make a connection in the world.

This isn’t just about makeup; it’s about skin, hair, nails, and all around self preservation. I once heard on a television show a woman say “In order to take care of others, one must take care of themselves.” I thought wow, that is so true and although that was common knowledge I need to hear it at that moment.

It made me look at myself and question, what am I doing to preserve my greatness? What am I doing to secure my future? And most importantly, how am I doing all of this?If you have ever found yourself questioning yourself beauty this is for you.

Welcome to Beauty marks and fixations by