The Art Girl

To know me is to know and never guess that I am a creative soul. I love to decorate, write, and dance, in a lonely and bare room where I know that no one watching. As a young child, I have always love to do arts and anything associated with it from designing clothes to writing short stories and most definitely writing poetry.
I have always been the kids to doodle in class and write poetry on the front of my notebook. I laugh now because I think of high school and how I passed every art class with an "A", but I had a hard time focusing in math. I guess art was and often time still is my get-away car in a wild world where I am completely miss understood.
I remember learning how to stay out of the way of the adults in my family so that I would not get into trouble and still needing something to do. My mom has always allowed me to color and handle the delicate materials around the house unlike my cousins and brother. I guess it was because I was quiet, not bothering anyone or breaking things in our tiny apartment. That is saying a lot coming from a very large and close extended family full of competitive women. So I guess that was beginning for me.
My grandmother and my uncle who are both now in heaven were amazing drawers and so I have always been allowed to creatively express myself thanks to my mother, who was not completely into crafts just like myself. Art has all most always been my security blanket and my first love. From a very small age I have been very crafty with a hot glue gun, markers, paint and tape. Every time I got to make something came joy to my heart.
Christmas time has always brought me to make max of my creativity. I love wrap gifts like no other; wrapping T-shirts to make them look like candy with shiny green wrapping paper. I also got to re-decorate ornaments adding my own little favor to them, I also enjoy add scents to the fake Christmas tree to make it seem real.
Some of my most pleasurable memories came during the times when I was able to create something, design or even write short fairy tales and currently I have been into expressing myself on my Youtube channel where I promote my inner beauty movement, a journey that I created to overcome my personal challenges.

Also, that is the reason why i love make up, it is a type of painting that creates a powerful affect on how a person feels about themselves. For a women to get her face made up and seeing her eyes light in a MAC store or at a wedding is the most powerful and exciting feeling to have. It brings joy to my heart because although every women is beautiful make up allows her to see herself in a different light.

I am what some may call a "arts and craft junkie" and i will probably never recover. I love to use my hands and create. Most of my life goals deal with me using the arts to make a difference in the world that I live in. I just want someone to see it. I want someone to see it and say wow she’s amazing. My life is surrounded by art and everyone who truly knows me can see that it is my get-away car in a wild world where I am completely miss understood.

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