Happy Birthday Diana Ross

Happy Birthday Ms Diana Ross

To me, Ms. Diana Ross is an icon; she is beautiful, elegant and daring all at the same time. 

Born March 26th, 1944 in Detroit, Michigan Ms Ross came to fame as the lead singer of the legendary R&B group, The Supremes founded by Motown Records in 1960. The Surpremes were inducted into the Rock n' Roll hall of fame in 1988.

Ms Ross released her debut solo album in 1970. Diana Ross also ventured into acting and received a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award nomination for Lady Sings the Blues, a story on Blues singer Billie Holiday. She also stared in films like Mahogany and The Wiz, noticeably known as the black Wizard of Oz along with Michael Jackson and many other films that have touched people's hearts. 
Ms. Diana Ross in many ways is FASHION. Those eyes, That hair and one can never forget thoses outfits. Ms. Ross has been the face of countless magazine covers from Ebony and Essence to Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. She has mesmerized them all.

My love for Diana Ross is simple, she was a brown skin black woman from the hood, like myself who made everything in my eyes look graceful. I look at older women as wise women and my goal is to one day be able to mimic their grace. She is the ritzy fashion I wish I could have lived to see. Ms Diana Ross is around the age of my grandparents and although she was from Detroit and my grandparents were from Indiana she reminds me of the elegant styles I've seen my grandmother shine in. In those day, half stepping wasn't a thing. Fashion was hot and everyone had a style of their own.
Happy Birthday Ms. Diana Ross and thank you for being a woman much like rubies.

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