...and the 28th chapter of my life.

It's officially "New year, new me" with four hand claps and two forward body tilts season and I'm excited. 
2018 is the year of growth for me as I hope it is for a lot of people. The last four years of life have changed me in ways I never could imagine, but this year I'm ready to renew and move forward to greater things.

This is my 28th year of life and I have big things coming non-stop all due to gods grace and tons of planning (you have to speak it into existence). My goal is to move in purpose and embrace all that comes with it.

This is just a short message to wish you all a very Happy New Year and I pray that you all work hard and stay motivated as you achieve the this your mind and heart have come into alignment with having. God bless you all and remember faith without works is dead so put toget your vision boards make plans and meet all your personal expectations.

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