The top 12 purse must haves

Purses, purses and more purses, the luggage of a girls life. Sometimes we over pack but now matter what we will always be ready.
Purses come in many forms, shapes and sizes to accommodate any events in a woman's (and men too, no hate) life. I am currently rocking a Michael Kors purse I was gifted a few months ago, but as I wait patiently for another sale to approach so I can buy the matching designer wallet, I thought what are some of the key things every girl is dying to have in her purse.  So here it is; this is my list of must haves in every girls purse to ensure she is ready for the day ahead of here.

1. keys
2.lipstick or gloss 3.wallet and extra cash
4.charger and plug
6.mints/ gum
7. at least one pen/ pencil
8.hand sanitizer/ mini wipes
9.extra elastic hair bands
10. liners/ small thin pad notepad/ planner12. Sephora's Pinch Provision

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