The top 12 must haves for your purse

"Purses, purses and more purses, the luggage of a girls life." Sometimes we over pack but now matter what we will always be ready. This is truly the story of my life. growing up I have always loved purses, bags and cute mini backpacks. I'm not sure if its a woman thing where we are not use to have pockets or if I'm just in love with luggage, (lol) but a good purse and having all the essentials I need in life brings me comfort.
Purses come in many forms, shapes and sizes to accommodate any events in a woman's (and men too, no hate) life. I am currently rocking a Michael Kors purse which is a designer purse that is still affordable to the average working women. I was gifted this bag a few months ago, and I wait patiently for a really good sale to approach so I can buy the matching designer wallet, because who doesn't like a really good sale? ( ...crickets) yeah I know. 
I own a few designer purse however that is not all I own. I am the type of woman that buys what she likes, so if its cute the price doesn't move me. I am no high-roller or anything but I believe that purses are fashion accessories and I live for fashion. So no matter the price of the bag if its cute and functional I will buy it.
Being that I love purses so much and i have purse in many different styles and sizes I thought it would be a good idea to share what I feel are some of the fundamental things every girl is should have in her purse.  

my essential items are:
1. Keys:
this is for obvious reasons the purpose of have a purse is to help out with functionality and storing your keys away is most important if you dont feel like holding them all day.
2: Wallets, coin purse or extra loose cash:
for me this sets the tone for everything. how will i pack and storage stuff and what i will leave out. my wallet usually takes up a large amount of space in my bags so it will more than likely determine what else is really important.
3. My cellphone:
usually I leave a space in my purse for my cellphone, most of the time it is in my hand but if I'm in class, spending time with people or basically doing something that doesn't require having my phone I like to put it away.
4.Lipstick or gloss :
lips like honey are very critical for me. i would never encourage any woman or girl to walk around with dry lips. its self care and since it is so small it should be easy to slide into any bag or purse.
5.Charger cord and adaptor:
What good is it to have your cellphone when working or out with friend and not have a charger. anything can happen and to be without a fully charged phone or a way to charger it would be devastating. 

This are the most important things a girl should have in her purse and if you havent notices it is basically everything a man could fit into his pockets but if you are anything like me than you want to be prepare and for that i have a list of extras I tend to put in my purse.
6.mints/ gum:
fresh breath is a must, there is nothing else to explain 
7. at least one pen
8.hand sanitizer or mini wipes
9.extra elastic hair bands
10. liners or at least one thin pad
11 business cards, mini notepad and/or your daily planner (if that's your thing)
which is essentially a pouch of all the extras listed in this blog

So here it is; this is my list of must haves in every girls purse to ensure she is ready for the day ahead of here. what are some of the things you feel should be in your purse?

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