The one that inspires me...

My inspiration brought me in to this world and fully accepted the challenge to be my mother! Just like wedding vows read she is there and has given a promise to be here no matter my highs or my lows, my worries or my stubbornness.
 C. R. Satterfield, a 45 year young mother of four, lives her life trying to change and help people in need. Satterfield is a California State University of Dominguez Hills graduate who has received her bachelor’s degree in business administration and an associate degree in human resources. She lives her life guiding her children and helping out her community. She has lent her home to those in need and is known by her family “coolest big cousin” they have.
Satterfield is an encourager those who are in need her wisdom and is always willing to share with those who are open to listen. And that is what my idol does for me. She inspires me. She encourages me and makes me want to be so much more than what I really am.
Satterfield is my mom, my hero and my number one fan. She is the reason why I am here and the reason why I’ve made it this far. I love her so much and I am truly thankful to have her. In no way can I count the reasons why she inspires me or why I love her so much.
 From that early morning in August 23 years ago until now she has held me close and made sure I was safe. That is something that no artist, no actress or no singer can do. She has been by back bone for so long i wouldn't know what do with out her.

This is really hard for me to write this right now because my mom is now moving to a new and exciting journey while I am stay here in California to finish up school. Writing this I am trying to keep myself from crying, at least to her face. Satterfield represents a woman of strength and has taught me to be independent when it is necessary and to ask for help when it is really needed.
This is why I want to laugh, smile and watch W.W.E. with my mom and little brother for the last time before that head out the door into the cold crisp early morning air onto a long drive. I know it is for the best that they are leaving but I can’t help but to think of all the good times we have had as a family under one roof. If I could quote one thing I have learn from my mom in the last couple of years I would have to think of the times where she was teaching me adult responsibility.

Satterfield said, “Tyisha, if you don’t pay nothing else, you pay your rent. Nothing else will matter if you don’t have a place to lay your head.” This is so important to me because it is a lesson that I will have to live with everyday until the day I die. She taught me really early to pay bills and the importance of paying them on time. Growing up she would give me her debt cards and tell me to pay the bills that were sitting on the table. She would tell me the deadline and remind me that I would not like to go without lights or gas.

Once and only once was there a time when I forgot to pay the light bill. And I say once because she fussed for hours, if felt like she would never stop. But now as I look back and I identify the facts she was teaching me. I thank her now because I am not afraid of grown up. I still pray to god that I do not fail in this journey call life but I know she not that far and she will jump to catch me when I fall.

Another reason why my mom is a big inspiration for me, is her struggle, her story of life. Through her story she has taught me to be a giver.To see a young women struggle with two kids and no help from the deadbeat dads who made them is amazing. She also taught me to always take care of myself and then if there is more to give then do so. Satterfield said "Don't worry about taking care of someone else if you haven't taken care of you first, it makes no sense. You can give what you don't have so don't stress over it, but if you have and you chose to give don't ever give with a tight fist."

C.R.S is not the biggest fan of the arts, but her only daughter is. You see, I have always been the creative soul growing up and my mom allowed me to be the artist little being god made me to be. When I said I wanted to be a fashion designer she went out and bought me a sketchbook. "I knew you would be interested in stuff like this even when you were little you didn't care too much for 'name brand' clothes. so just when you sketch think of stuff that mommy can wear okay!"

When I was younger she let me do arts and crafts and helped me learn the art of a hot glue gun. That time that i shared with her meant the world to me because it allowed me to give my all and i knew that she still accepted me. I think of the fourth grade when I was learning about the missions of California and I had to do a project rebuilding the San Juan Capistrano missions. I was so excited and I begged her to take me to that mission so I could learn the ends and outs of where everything sat. I know she was tired but we stay as long as I felt I needed to stay just so I could capture the mission in the best light that a 9 year old could. Then we headed straight out to every art store we could and rebuilt that mission from the ground up with plastic form and all.
I don't think no one could have inspired me to be creative more than that woman with two small child who was too poor to buy a Christmas tree so she went to the dollar store and bought some lights and decorated a tree on the walls.

My mom is my biggest star in the whole galaxy of women who are celebrated in the world. Not Beyonce, Rihanna or Halle Berry, but the one known as Sam, Sam I am is my role model. She has been myself love encourager. When I don’t feel beautiful and I wish I could be someone else she is my reminder that god made me just the way he wanted me. Satterfield says, “You are beautiful and let no one tell you different. Tyisha it is call self esteem, you have to love and believe in yourself. Even when no one else does.” I guess she really does sees herself in me but I’m really unsure how.
I love my mom because she is non-judgmental, well for the most part. Me being her child I have been required to live up to a certain standard and I must hold my head up high. But to other she has talk to with no fear or judgement in her eyes. I am able to come and talk to her about anything. When I’m having boy trouble, when I’m frustrated with school or when I am just all cried out and I have nowhere to turn she is there to talk to me. Also, She is there to make my laugh and to school me on how to handle things. She says “We can always talk, it’s not what you say but how you say it. I am your mom and I love so just watch how you speak to me and I’ll always be here to listen.”

I am truly going to miss my mom as she goes to a new state and starts a new life with my little brothers. I am going to miss her on Sunday mornings the most. She instilled in me an a young girl to have faith in god and he will make everything right. She makes sure I know that god the father the son and the Holy Spirit is the reason that we are making it today and with faith in him I will make it even when times get hard.

To Inspire, to influence and to be admired by me is a hard and creative role to take under and my mother handles it with grace and pride. I am thankful for her and I pray that my children see me in the same light as I see her. She is my hero, my biggest fan and my reason for trying so hard. I pray to make her proud.

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