fah-la-la-la my retail job really sucks

Crazy unorganized lines of irritating people swinging from every doorway of the mall into the cold winter air and down the street of the parking lot. Customers are impatiently waiting for the store’s doors to open up. Those who are unaware of the store’s open hours and are showing unnecessary attitudes to the associates trying to get in and banging on the glass. Going through the day with people screaming at you for the options the registers want you to answer and writing reports why your were unable to just stop ringing other customers and cater to their every want. Managers running around you asking for credit applications and membership scores. Working as dinosaurs age registers crash and staying completely patient as you wait for a manager to approve it. And very few out of thousands of people you see that day say happy holidays or season greetings.
To say a whole lot but not really say enough to identify where i currently earn my pay ill say I am not ready, no really, I have yet to prepare my mind for the insanity of the holiday shoppers looking to play let’s make a deal. It’s like a thought bubble of corruption comes into their minds and says “ill rip the tags off of this 63 dollar dress and ill tell her that the sign said it was $5.99, she will not go check there is a million people behind me. She better not go check , shell just have to believe in what I say.” Every time they come to my counter my thought bubble say “Ugh no stupid  that is not how this works!”
if I was to rewind my work life and look at it as if it was a movie tonight I would probably laugh maybe even cry because retail suck during the season where everyone is suppose to be happy and thankful. The bad part is that the most irritating people have yet come to shop. The most irritating people are known as the last minute uncivil shoppers. They want the biggest discount and the best quality stuff in the ran down, ran through, swap meet looking department stores. These are the people that will hold up a line yell at the very top of their lungs to make you look bad as they scream for your manager. Then when the manager gets there and doesn’t exchanged their well worn items for the brand new hot name brand clothing on the shelve now they get in riot mode as they demand the number for the corporation office to complain about the services of your store.
Like I said I am not ready, but the days getting closer to black Friday are certainly preparing me for the stupidity of the holiday shopper. So let me get started, this morning I started work during the early bird shift but it felt like I was there all damn day. I don’t mind going into work but staying for eight hours dealing with people complain about the littlest stain that they found on a 1 dollar bikini bottom that should have been removed from store stock is absolutely ridiculous! If I have to call my manager over just to tell you the same thing I just told you about a year long return is just not using common scene. No the customer is not always right some are just dumbass that need to learn how to add tax to their purchase.
Well good night I've have to go to work kind of early tomorrow and I need all the rest I can get.

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