6 Fun Fashion Facts About Tali

This is the style edition of "Fun Facts" by Tali

Hello there,

Today, I decided to share some fun facts about myself. 


Well, because I felt like it and I figured why not?

so here we go...

A fun yet obvious fact about me is that I love fashion, but I don't just love clothes I also love to design clothes, lingerie and jewelry, really anything fashion related... duh. right? NO, seriously I really do. I started to design clothing in middle school with my friend and we would draw ball gowns and wedding dresses.

I love unique jewelry. One thing I've noticed about myself, is that I don't like to wear the same type of jewelry with every outfit. I need to switch it up from time to time. I also don't like to have the same jewelry as everyone else. so if I buy a necklace set it is very unlikely that i will wear it when the "trend followers" where it.

As a child, I learned that a blazer it everything!  My mom pasted down that "dress to impress" lesson from my grandmother. a blazer can change any outfit so i have quite a few in different styles and in the basic colors. To the women in my family a blazer was the first lesson on how to be "fly." The blazer is your and my best friend. Also the added value from me is I get cold fast and I refuse to walk around in a big heavy jacket that is clashing with my outfit so i wear blazers quite often.

An embarrassing fact is that I'm still learn how to have a decent relationship with the color white, lol, I love white, but it doesn't seem to always love me so I'm learning and adjusting.

Summer is my favorite season, for any and everything reason possible. Not only do I love the heat of the summer, but I also love the fashion and the colors that come with summer. I love bikinis, sunshades, and strap-py heels. I love summer fashion.

 And lastly, I have a very petite frame and I'm a girly girl who's addicted to color and prints. to some people this is a taboo but i feel like if you wear colors and prints properly there is no problem.

I hope you have enjoyed my fun fashion facts, what are some fashion facts about you? what is your style and what is your season?

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